mobile forensics assignment

Part A of this assignment covers introduction of mobile technology, how the mobile computing evolved from the ubiquitous computing paradigm, current advances and developments on mobile devices and applications and challenges they pose to digital forensics practitioners.

Part B will assess your understanding of Android operating systems, different types and their classification of Android malware and their detection and prevention techniques.

You are expected to approach each parts of this assignment as small but comprehensive academic report (approximately 1500 – 2000 words each). As such the following report structure is expected:

1. Introduction, where you introduce the subject and discuss your plan for solving the problem introduced by the instructors

2. Main Body, where you will develop your arguments

3. Conclusions, where you will critically discuss your findings

4. References

5. Appendices (if needed)

You are expected to demonstrate an insight into the implications of the problem introduced in each task by using clear and concise arguments. The report should be well written (and word-processed), showing good skills in creativity, design and presentation. Sentences should be of an appropriate length and the writing style should be brief but informative. The report should have a consistent layout and be divided into enumerated sections, sub- sections, sub-sub sections, etc. For the references and bibliography, you are expected to use appropriate peer reviewed sources for developing your arguments, and an appropriate referencing style as per the University regulations