Mobile Health Apps Presentation

Create a 9-slide presentation with 100-125 speaker notes for each slide (not counting the title slide and the reference slide)

Only use as sources the attached 2 articles, each has a mobile application discussed.

MAIN DETAILS: Your professional presentation should include:

Name of each app

Brief description of each scholarly article

The primary user of the app

Purpose of the app (not the research study)

Data collected by the app (not the research study)

Type of data transmission and storage in the app (not the research study or a web portal)

Level of a security risk (none, low, medium, or high). Be prepared to justify this claim, based on the sensitivity level of the data collected by the app’s

Desired security measures in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data collected, processed and transited by the app’s

Actual security measures presented in the article and whether they are sufficient for the data.