modern technology 2

  1. Description:This presentation is designed to help students better understand the use of such technology as Simulation, Game Mechanics, and Virtual Worlds in Nursing Education. After reading Chapter 20 in your text, each student will create a presentation that will present how two of these technologies (Simulation, Game Mechanics, and Virtual Worlds) have been, could presently or in the future be used in nursing education.You may use any presentation software you choose except PowerPoint. One of the goals for this assignment is for you to explore the technology of presentation software platforms other than PowerPoint.General instructions on how to do this assignment (from Dr. Lilly Mathew): Some suggestions of presentation software sites include: Please research for free use and free view for others first before selecting a platform.Canva, Visme, Slideshark, Haiku Deck, SlideDog, Powtoon, Keynote, MediaShout, Kineticast, Prezi, GoAnimate, SlideBean, etcThe presentation needs to include at least 2 pictures and 10 slides (frames). If the student includes a photo of themselves, they are giving CUNY and the people in this class full access and rights to the photograph. If this is a concern, students should not be in the photo. You can just create a simulated situation/drawing that you can use as the subject of the photo. Be sure the pictures do not violate any HIPAA or workplace policies. Be sure not to use images created/captured by others or violate copyright law.
  2. Deliverables:The deliverables for this project are a draft presentation, and, based on peer-comments, a Final-Revised presentation with at least 10 slides including 2 pictures and at least 2 journal articles as references. Suggested Presentation Headings are as follows:A title slide with your name and the title of the presentationDefine Simulation, Game Mechanics, and Virtual Worlds in Nursing Education (Include citations)Current Use in Nursing EducationFuture Use in Nursing Education,Effectiveness,Limitations,References ( At least 3)