msn fp6106 assessment 4 vila health implementing new educational technology


Develop and record an 8–10-slide, asynchronous, audiovisual presentation to executive leaders of your plan for implementing the proposed educational technology change detailed in the needs assessment and impact statement you completed in Assessments 1 and 2. In addition, develop a detailed outline of your implementation plan, as a supplement to your presentation.

Note: Each assessment in this course builds upon the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.

This assessment provides an opportunity for you to develop and present a plan for implementing a proposed educational technology change.The incorporation of technology into educational settings is a learned skill, and nurse educators must have a thorough understanding of a technology’s capabilities, benefits, and use. In nursing and health care, the use of technology is no longer an option (Axley, 2008). Nursing educators recognize the need for technology and are taking a proactive role in its adoption and use in teaching and learning. The use of technology in academic settings mirrors the technology that is being used in practice areas.