music discussion 9

question 1:

Of the many experimental songwriting styles championed by the Beatles, the songs of 1966-1967 remain an especially unique and complex sub genre of their compositional legacy. “Triple -Header”on Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day In The Life, and I Am the Walrus and answer each of the following questions:

1. What distinguishes the themes and lyrical styles of Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison during 1966-1967?

2. What is the historical parallel between those songs and the works of the “Classical” composers mentioned in the article? How does the Beatles’ approach/intent in producing those songs differ with the music of those same “Classical” composers?

3. How does the role of the orchestra differ in the songs, Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day In The Life, and I Am The Walrus?

question 2:

Magical Mystery Tour: View “Magical Mystery Tour” in your eBook or at website. At the time of its release critics considered it rubbish but later reflections find it favorable. Steven Spielburg even cited it as a film that he studied in film school as it represented a new genre that there was no model for at the time of its release. It was recently re-released on Blue Ray. What is your personal opinion of the film? Is it a period piece, an art film? Rubbish?