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Integrated marketing communications is an approach to marketing that gives any business the potential to get better results from promotional campaigns and at the same time reduce marketing costs. Rather than relying on individual marketing efforts, like a print ad campaign, an integrated approach simultaneously makes the best use of the multiple channels available to modern businesses. By integrating tools such as advertising, direct mail, social media, telemarketing and sales promotion, businesses provide clarity, consistency and maximum communications impact. Organizations implementing integrated marketing communications not only successfully promote their brands among target audiences, but also develop trust among those customer groups who are potentially loyal to competing brands.

Following what you’ve written so far, answer the following question as it relates to your developing organization:

1. In terms of promotional strategy, what elements of the promotional mix will you use the most when selling your product to consumers? And the least? Why?

2. What is the consistent, unified message about the product that you are creating and selling that will ring through each of these elements of promotion? That is, how will you integrate these individual elements into an Integrated Marketing Communication?

Use what you have learned on selling to customers to answer these questions in narrative form. Again, your response to the above questions should be between a total of 400-600 words. You will be graded on accuracy of content/concepts used, feasibility, and finally the organization and presentation of the writing. Please refer to the rubric posted on Canvas for more detail on grading.