National Council of Juvenile and Family Court

Assignment Content

  1. This portion of the assignment gives you practice summarizing key ideas from others’ narratives—a critical skill for reporting in criminal justice professions. You also expand on your awareness about current professional issues and share your knowledge with classmates.
    Read 1 of the interviews posted by a classmate in the Juvenile Justice Interviews Cumulative Discussion at the top of the Course Content page.
    Search 1 of the websites listed below for a report that contains current information related to the responses in the interview.
    Choose a report that could be helpful or interesting to the person interviewed that you would recommend to them:

    Write a summary of the online report.
    Explain how the information from it might benefit this individual during their employment in juvenile corrections.
    Post your 100-175-word reply to the Juvenile Justice Interviews Cumulative Discussion as a response to the original interview.