nature versus nurture debate

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, watch the video segment Nature Verses Nurture, and read Chapter 1: History, Theory, and Applied Directions.

The debate concerning the influence of inherited traits and abilities (nature) compared to the influence of environment (nurture) on human development has been argued for decades. For this debate, you must develop a persuasive, research-based argument showing the extent to which your assigned influence affects development. You must use at least two Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) in addition to the course text to support your argument. Remember, you are arguing that either nature or nurture is the most important influence on development. For assistance on how to write an argumentative post. The side you argue is based on your date of birth using the following guidelines:

  • If your birthday falls between January and June, you will argue for nature.
  • If your birthday falls between July and December, you will argue for nurture.- THIS ONE

You can give a text-based post but feel free to use one of these digital tools: