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question 1 ( one well developed paragraph)


My question concerns the concept of the “glass ceiling” or an invisible barrier that historically oppressed/marginalized demographics face when attempting to progress upwards in institutions and in society. This is due to the disproportionate availability of resources to these populations such as training and special programs. Furthermore, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination are still very present in the workplace.

While breaking the societal glass ceiling may be too broad of an endeavor to discuss here, what roles do privileges play in creating this ceiling, and how might those privileges be addressed by/to those who have them?

question 2 ( one well developed paragraph)

A. Why might researchers’ conclusions about hormone replacement therapy vary so dramatically across studies and over the past decade?

B. What factors do you think are important for women to consider when it comes to hormone replacement therapy?

C. What would you advise a friend who is considering hormone replacement therapy?

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