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question 1 ( one well developed paragraph)

Physical Health in Early Adulthood: Apply Your Knowledge

Imagine that you have been asked by our campus health center to create a pamphlet on the importance of physical health and development in early adulthood. What are some topics you might consider for inclusion and why? Think about the impact of lifestyle choices, common health risks of early adulthood, the role of psychological stress, etc.

question 2 ( one well developed paragraph)

In their chapter, King and Kitchener (2016) address a number of theoretical models, including their own reflective judgment model, Magolda’s epistemological reflection model, Belenky et al.’s “women’s ways of knowing,” and the concepts of self-evolution and self-authorship, and Perry’s theory of cognitive and ethical development during the college years.

  • Which of these theories do you relate to and why?
  • Provide an example of an “ill-structured problem” that you had to deal with and explain what complex cognitive abilities allowed you to address it.

question 3 ( one well developed paragraph)

My discussion question comes from the Bjerregaard, L. G., Jensen, B. W., Ängquist, L., Osler, M., Sørensen, T. I., & Baker, J. L. (2018) article, discussing type 2 diabetes and how overweight/obesity in children relates to the risk in adulthood. My question stems from the fact that there is such an issue with obesity and diabetes in America. How can we, as a country, (or even just as counselors) work to remedy this issue? Perhaps not thinking policy wise, but more hands on or community based methods to attack this issue?

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