need a wordpress site done asap it is for a school project all requirements will be listed below

The site will be called MotoMeet, its a site for motorcycle enthusiasts can meet others like them and have a monthly meet up. Website plan will be included.

Objective 1:

  • Create a blog post
  • Create categories and tags for your site
  • Create a user for the professor


Create the categories (that you identified in your site plan) for your site in WordPress.

You should have 3-5 categories.

Remove the Uncategorized category

Delete the Hello World blog post that was created when you installed WordPress

Add 5 new blog posts

Each post must be assigned a category. You should have at least one post for each category.

Each post must have at least 2 tags. Tags must be different than the categories. You should have at least 5 different tags between all the posts.

At least one post must include a link.

At least one post must contain multiple paragraphs with a ‘read more’ link.

You must use 2 or more of the following formatting options to a post



list (numbered or bulleted)



special character

Schedule one post to be published at a later date

Add a user with administrative privileges for the professor.

Objective 2:

  • Create a static page for your site
  • Add images and multimedia to your site.


Create a static page for your site following your website plan. Page must include at least 3 paragraphs of information.

You can delete the Sample Page that was added when you installed WordPress and create a new page, or you can modify the sample page to something that is appropriate for your site.

Add at least 3 embedded images to your site. These may be on a post or a page as long as you have at least 3 somewhere on your site. All images must have alternate text. At least one image must have a caption

Add at least 1 featured image to a post

Create an image gallery with at least 3 images and display in a post or page

Add multimedia to at least one page or post

Objective 3:

  • Find and install a theme for your site
  • Customize theme settings for your site


  • Use the WordPress Administrative site to configure your WordPress site including title and tagline, timezone, etc.
  • Identify and install a free theme for your WordPress site.
  • Customize as needed with colors, images, etc. to make your site unique.
  • Explain why you chose this particular theme for your site. What customization did you apply and why? This may be typed in a Word document and attached or you may enter this information directly in the comments for the lab.

Objective 4:

  • Customize sidebars and menus for your site


  • Identify the navigation that will be needed for your site
  • Create or modify the main menu for your site that includes static pages and categories.
  • Identify any additional menus that will be needed in a sidebar or footer
  • Customize the sidebar and footer for your site with widgets and menus.
  • Create all of the static pages for your site with appropriate content.
  • Create at least 3 posts for each category that you have identified. Tag each post appropriately to help users find the information they seek quickly and easily.

Objective 5:

  • Add plugins to your site


  • Install and activate JetPack plug-in
    • Add social media buttons to your posts and pages
    • Add a contact form to your ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Install, activate and configure plugin
  • Configure comments for your site.
  • Activate Akismet plugin
  • Identify a free plugin you would like to use on your site
    • Think about some functionality that you would like to use on your site
    • Research plugins and identify one you would like to try
    • Install, activate and configure the plugin. Be sure to use it somewhere on your site.
    • In the comments for this lab, explain why you selected this particular plugin and what it does. If it is something that affects the front-end, tell me where I can find it on your site. Was the plugin easy to install, configure and user? Did it perform as expected?

Objective 6:

  • Create a child theme for your site
  • Customize your site using a child theme


  • Install and configure the Child Theme Configurator plug-in.
  • Create a child theme from your parent theme
  • Modify at least 3 styles from the parent theme in the child theme stylesheet
  • Add at least 2 styles in the child theme that do not exist in the parent theme.
  • Add a web font and apply it to at least one CSS selector
  • Preview and activate the new child theme