need help in cryptography course discussion 5

Part 1:Primary Task Response:

There is an increasingly prominent trend in many organizations to move a substantial portion of or even all information technology (IT) operations to an Internet-connected infrastructure known as enterprise cloud computing. As we know, with every technology there are security considerations. For this discussion, please provide a thorough response to the below questions.

  1. Define cloud computing.
  2. List and briefly define three cloud service models.
  3. What is the cloud computing reference architecture?
  4. Describe some of the main cloud-specific security threats.

part 2: we need to respond to two of my classmates posts.

Required Text
Stallings, Williams. Cryptography and Network Security. Pearson, 2017.

Print ISBN: 9780134444284, 0134444280

eText ISBN: 9780134444635, 0134444639

Other articles and readings may be assigned by course professor.

Recommended Materials/Resources

Harris, Shon. All in One CISSP Exam Guide, Sixth Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2013.

Paar, Christof, Pelzl,Jan and Preneel, Bart. Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners. Springer Publishing, 2010.

Rhodes-Ousley, Mark. The Complete Reference to Information Security, Second Edition.McGraw-Hill, 2013.