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Discussion Main post and Two Responses:

Find actual examples of both centralized and decentralized organizational structures. Compare and contrast the advantages (and disadvantages) of decision making in each. Create a specific scenario that would be most effective under each setting. That is, identify a decision that would be most appropriate under a centralized organizational structure, and a separate decision that is ideally suited for a decentralized organizational structure.

  • Main post : 1 paragraph190-200 words(answer of this question)
  • Two responses(additional text) : two paragraphs 160 words each (relating to this question topic)

With APA References.

Subject :

ITS 831 – Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning

Reference book:

Pearlson, K. E., & Saunders, C. S. (2019). Managing and using information systems: A strategic approach. John Wiley & Sons.

Chapter 9 and 10