need help with psychology discussion on environmental influence on the brain

Need help with a two question discussion. Must formulate two questions as well. Must be very detailed provide examples if needed.

1. The article proposes different types of environmental factors ( maternal stress, neglect, disadvantage development, etc.) at various age stages (prenatal- childhood) that impact brain development. It is possible for a child to experience only one of those factors at one moment of time; however many children exposed to stress and trauma have greater chances to experience overlapping trauma ( i.e. maternal stress, and neglect in childhood) and/or trauma over their lifetime. How do you think this impacts overall brain development? What does this mean for life in adolescents and adulthood, particularly in their thoughts, choices and behaviors? (2 paragraph minimum)

2. What are somethings parents, doctors, teachers, social works, politicians and other people can do with this information? How can they ensure prevention of poor brain development by controlling environmental factors? (2 paragraph minimum)

A. Formulate two questions based on the video and/or inspired on the topic unethical research.

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