need some work done to a wordpress site for school homework

Objective 1:

  • Create a child theme for your site
  • Customize your site using a child theme


  • Install and configure the Child Theme Configurator plug-in.
  • Create a child theme from your parent theme
  • Modify at least 3 styles from the parent theme in the child theme stylesheet
  • Add at least 2 styles in the child theme that do not exist in the parent theme.
  • Add a web font and apply it to at least one CSS selector
  • Preview and activate the new child theme

Grading Rubric:

Criteria Points
Install and configure the Child Theme Configurator plug-in 10 points
Create a child theme 10 points
Modify at least 3 styles from the parent theme 15 points
Add at least 2 additional styles to the child theme 15 points
Add a web font and apply it to a CSS selector 20 points
Activate your child theme 10 points
Total 80 points

Objective 2:

  • Update your WordPress site for SEO
  • Configure automatic backups for your site
  • Create users for your site


  • Download and install the Free version of Yoast SEO. You can download it from:
  • Using the information from the Yoast WordPress SEO tutorial, update your site for SEO as follows:
    • configure the permalinks for your site to use the postname or category and postname
    • configure the titles for your posts with the Yoast SEO plugin
    • add meta descriptions to your pages and posts
    • add meaningful alternate text to all of your images
    • generate an XML sitemap for your site
    • configure the sitewide meta settings for your site to noindex subpages of archives
  • Install and configure BackWPUP plugin for automatically scheduled backups.
  • Create 4 users with different roles for your site (editor, author, contributer, subscriber)

Grading Rubric:

Criteria Points
Create a gravatar for WordPress 10 points

Install and configure the Yoast SEO Pack plug-in:

  • sitewide meta settings
  • XML sitemap
15 points

Update your content for SEO:

  • permalinks
  • titles
  • alternate text for images
  • meta descriptions for all pages and posts
25 points
Install and configureBackWPUp for automatically scheduled backups 15 points
Create 4 users for your site, one for each role (editor, author, contributer, subscriber) 15 points
Total 80 points