need to write about manipulator one of the following 1 hitler 2 putin 3 pablo escobar 4 kim jong un

1) Describe what you believe to be the ethical differences of good persuasion and evil persuasion. Be sure to completely define both concepts. Give special attention to what you believe would be evil.

2) Select a famous person that you believe to be a manipulator and describe his character. Describe how one person might see him as evil and a follower might see him as good. Clearly give both perspectives based on the information on his character that you find. You need to select someone you can research.

3) What specific behaviors did he exhibit that most people would consider unethical?

4) How would your definition of good and evil persuasion, ethical and unethical persuasion apply to this manipulator?

5) As different people gain power today, how will you be able to identify if they are good, evil, or somewhere in-between?

Research the manipulator using Amberton’s on-line library. You have use ebrary or EBSCO. Document this paper with the APA format. Write out the questions and then answer them completely. This assignment requires outside research. This paper should be at least 7-10 pages. Write the questions out completely and then answer them one at a time utilizing and documenting the research that you have found. You will present this research in class. minimum citation and references is 10 needed

Ethical Reasoning Rubric

Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)

Unacceptable (1)

Ethical Self-Awareness

Fully describes the difference between good and evil persuasion utilizing the text.

Gives an adequate description of good and evil persuasion

Barely gives a definition of good and evil persuasion.

Understanding Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

Fully describes the manipulator’s character. Gives attention to why some would consider him evil while his followers might consider him good. Be sure to document research which supports his position.

Describes the manipulator’s character giving attention to both the good and the bad parts using outside research.

Has little information on the manipulator’s character.

Ethical Issue Recognition

Fully explores the issues from research as to why most people would consider this person as evil using the research. This section should focus on behavior.

Identifies why most people would consider the manipulator’s behavior as evil using the research.

Has little recognition of the issues which cause most people to see this person as evil.

Application of Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

Fully applies the definition in question one to the manipulator he is analyzing.

Basically applies the definition in question one to the manipulator.

Has little connection between the definition in question one with the manipulator.

Evaluation of Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts

Fully develops a strategy for determining if leaders, groups, or individuals are evil or good.

Has a general idea of how to determine if leaders or groups are evil or good.

Has little understanding of how to evaluate leaders or groups.

Presentation—20 pts

Presented the manipulation material in a speech which included excellent nonverbal and verbal behaviors. The speech was both interesting and creative.

The speech was lacking in either verbal or nonverbal skills.

The student read to the class.