New York University Wk 4 Healthcare Models Discussion

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There are different kinds of individual healthcare models. The Transtheoretical Model/ is the model focused on the process theory of motivation as the foundation of behavioral change and proposes that people are at different stages of readiness to adopt healthful behaviors. (Friman, M., Huck, J., & Olsson, L. E. 2017). The main steps in order to make this change are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance. The situation this model would be the most appropriate is when an induvial needs guidance on which direction to take when trying to make a drastic change in their life.

Another example of an individual health behavior change is the Social Ecological Model. This model. This is the model that helps to understand factors affecting behavior and also provides guidance for developing successful programs through social environments. Social ecological models emphasize multiple levels of influence like the individual, interpersonal, organizational, community and public policy and the idea that behaviors both shape and are shaped by the social environment. This model would best be appropriate in a situation where if you were to moveto a new environment. People tend to be influenced and/or motivated by those around them. So being in a whole new environment you would be able to see the change.

These two models are compared by each implying they form a change in the individual. They are different by the procedure of which the change I being occurred. The Transtheoretical Model would be guidance and steps on how to start a change. The Social Ecological Model would the change of the individual based on the surroundings.


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