nike how the chinese culture influences the organization design

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International Analysis of Organization Design

This assignment involves selecting one country outside the U.S. that is of particular interest and relevance to you. The assignment is to write an 8-10 page paper (double space) that summarizes the culture of the country and how the culture influences the elements of organization design (organization structure, job design, scanning practices, human resource systems, etc.) and management practices. One option for this assignment is to select a multi-national company that has operations in a particular country as the focus of your analysis. You are also encouraged to review Chapter 6 in the Daft text (Designing Organizations for the International Environment) to generate potential countries and topics for your paper. As with the other selected individual assignments, you will want to integrate your findings with the concepts and principles discussed in the course. Suggested countries and approaches for this assignment will be discussed in class.

Please work through the MPA Process & Contingency Analysis and I provide some examples about this analysis. I need someone familiar with this.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all written work should meet the following format requirements, which will influence your evaluation on all written assignments:
    1. Edit carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
    2. Type, double-space, and number all pages;
    3. Set 1” margins in which I can provide written feedback;
    4. Use 12-point font;
    5. Do not exceed page limitations noted for each assignment; and,
    6. Prepare papers in crisp business style, but retain academic attributes that convey your knowledge (i.e., clear and specific application of course concepts, principles, and models, citation of all appropriate references, third-person descriptive style).