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IT117: Website Development


There are two main categories of validation, client-side and server-side. Client-side validation is performed using HTML 5 attributes, this sometimes includes help from JavaScript. Client-side validation responds quickly and occur as the form is filled, before it is submitted. It makes sure the user has filled in required fields with the correct data and can guide the user. However, this can be disabled in the browser and doesn’t provide any security. It can be bypassed or altered easily. Server -side validation uses scripting languages such as PHP or ASP. It is used when some checks can only be performed on the server side because security is required such as when credit card information is needed. This cannot be altered or bypassed easily and can be submitted without any error recover messages and warnings. However, it does require more response time, and validates all form fields at the same time.

I think one of the most important reasons we have validation is security. Validation can help protect a user’s information. It also makes sure that the information they are submitting is in the correct format making it easier for us to use or analyze the gathered information.

Paige Anliker


I think the biggest challenge I had was finding misspelled code (like backround). It was also kind of hard finding the close tags since there wasn’t any spacing to help line them all up.The biggest breakthrough I had was when I realized that the sylesheet wasn’t properly listed. A couple of things I learned about debugging is to go ahead and space out the code as I go along just to make it easier for me to find issues as well as anyone else that may need to debug in the future. It was also useful looking through this in Notepad++ as it helps being able to see areas that aren’t properly written.

Travis Zanone

IT261: Desktop Administration


When troubleshooting windows 10 event logs are also important like the Application Log, Security Log, and the System Log these three are important because the application log tracks the different components for the applications to run properly. The security long tracks different events that are related to login attempts and other security features. The system log tracks the events that go hand and hand with the pre-installed programs. When you use these logs you can create task updates or use them for troubleshooting problems. Also to determine what events to use you have to run a maintenance task.

Jekalvin Wallace


  • What can you do with Windows 10 to address these goals?

Applies to

  • Windows 10

Describes the best practices, location, values, policy management, and security considerations for the Log on as a service security policy setting.


Felicia Micheline