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IT117: Website Development


Hello all,

Well I must say to answer this topic question, I am a little biased. Whenever I develop a web site for someone, I like to use “GoDaddy” for my hosting. The best thing about using this company is I can not only utilize some of their tools, but I can also upload pure HTML.

They have many different options and are really reasonably priced. They even include a domain name for you to use.

Here is their link, check it out.

thanks Robert Aguiar


The website hosting company I would recommend to ABC Incorporated is Bluehost. Bluehost has dependable server uptime, great WordPress integration, and the prices are low. Bluehost currently powers over two million websites. It has an excellent 36-month pricing plan. Bluehost has great uptime (99.98%), that translates to less than 2 hours of downtime out of 8,760 a year! With as many possible issues a website can face, that is a great number. Bluehost offers a “drag and drop” site builder for those who have an idea of what they want but not the needed HTML and CSS skills. Bluehost is relatively easy to sign-up for. It uses cPanel as it’s interface, but its customizations are simple and easy to navigate. Bluehost also offers online forums for troubleshooting, live chat, and 24/7 phone support. The help page also has FAQ right on the primary help page for quick access to help with the most common issues. Bluehost customers can pay as little as 3.95 a month to have their website hosted by Bluehost, and businesses can get a VPS (virtual private server) for $20 a month. Bluehost has a variety of options and various levels of hosting capabilities that any person or business can tailor to suit their needs.


IT261: Desktop Administration


Good Evening All.

Upon research, I have discovered that the most popular features that users are interested in are play compatibility, streaming, and 360 video capabilities. The website TechRadar has VLC Media Player listed as the best alternative to Windows Media Player. With features like 360 video capabilities, file conversions, expand-ability, and the ability to play files from any source; it is definitely a close contestant. Because I am an Apple Enthusiast, I believe that Quicktime is the best alternative to Windows Media Player. Quicktime is downloadable to any Windows device and can be used exactly the same. It offers similar features as the VLC media player along with video editing tools.

Shelly Betts

The best free alternative to Windows Media Player 2019, Wycislik-Wilson, M. Ellis, C. 2018. Retrieved from:

Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows. n/a. n/d. Retrieved from:


There are a couple of different substitution options in replacement of Windows Media Center. The top three that I found were Kodi, PLEX, and MediaPortal 2. Kodi offers their customers an open source network or in other words it’s free to use. They also offer live TV recording, great community support from the vast amount of other online users, and easy customization of its interface to the liking of the user. Not to mention you can stream from any preferred location if it be from your locally saved files, home network, or off the internet.

PLEX offers their customers the same feature to record live TV shows, after their recent software update. They also provide over 60 million songs and podcast that can be accessed for the first 30 days after instillation. Following with easy integration to other streaming companies such as Vimeo or Sound Cloud.

Unlike the other two, MediaPortal 2 is all based upon a plug-in setup. It also offers management for all media on your computer as well as a type of gateway to online video streaming providers like Amazon Prime. Not only that but when in use it can be controlled by remote when connected to any TV wirelessly.

Antonn Robinson