Non Pharmacological MGT of Gestational Diabetes Literature Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the literature that was gathered and presented in the “Literature Review: Table of Evidence,” submitted in Topic 2. Based on your analysis, you will formally present your PICOT and research findings that demonstrate evidence-based support for your proposed project.

Write a 1,250-1,500 word paper that includes the following for each article:

  1. Include a description of the search method used (e.g., databases, keywords, criteria for inclusion and exclusion, and number of studies that fit your criteria).
  2. Summarize all of the research studies used as evidence. The essential components of each study need to be described so that readers can evaluate the scientific merit, including study strengths and limitations.
  3. Incorporate a description of the validity and reliability of the research.
  4. Include a concise summary describing how your project proposal is supported by the research.

Based on the analysis of the literature:

  1. Finalize your PICOT statement using the “PICOT Question Template.” Include the “PICOT Question Template” in the appendix of your paper. The “PICOT Question Template” is required as part of the appendices in the final paper.
  2. Present your finalized PICOT statement in the conclusion of your paper.

Upon receiving feedback from the instructor, refine “Part B: Literature Analysis” for your final submission. This will be a continuous process throughout the course for each section.

Prepare this assignment according to the A