NRP 555 UOP Week 2 Health Promotion and Maintenance Plan Presentation

Develop a 10-slide health promotion and maintenance plan using Microsoft® PowerPoint® which outlines strategies that will increase patient compliance with treatment plans.

Address the following questions in your plan:

  • When is it an appropriate time to educate the patient and their family members about the plan of care?
  • Explain how the NP can guarantee that the patient has the resources they need to comply with the treatment plan.
  • How will you properly monitor follow-ups with the patient?
  • In your role as a NP, what is your plan for patients experiencing non-emergent yet concerning symptoms?
  • What methods can be used to increase health promotion and maintenance for patients and the community?
  • As an NP, what is your plan for reducing unnecessary readmission of patients?
  • What methods of communication can be used to bridge gaps between other physicians and services?
  • How can you integrate cultural preferences, values, health beliefs, and behaviors into the treatment plan utilizing Watson’s theory?