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COMM 122 Persuasive Speech

Assignment Description

Along with informing your listeners about new ideas and concepts, one of the most

important aspects of public speaking is to persuade your audience to take action. From

politicians to teachers to leaders of social movements, persuasion is used to educate and

motivate. Therefore, for this 4-6 minute presentation you will be applying a variety of persuasive

speaking techniques while presenting on a topic of your choosing.

The topic you speak about depends on your own personal interests, but it should be

appropriate for a classroom setting. Examples of acceptable topics include: improving your

health through better nutrition, becoming a volunteer, going green, etc.

You should be prepared

to persuade your audience to do something that they can act upon after leaving the

classroom, thus you will need to research websites, associations, organizations, local clubs,

and so forth to find resources that you can present to the class at the end of your



Because this speech requires you to build an argument that will motivate your audience to

change their attitudes and behaviors, you will be utilizing Monroe’s Motivated Sequence from

the textbook to organize your presentation. This organizational pattern includes the following


1. Establish the audience’s attention

2. Identify what needs to be done and why

3. Propose specific solution(s)

4. Visualize for the audience the benefits

5. Deliver a call to action

While your topic may come from your own ideas and experiences, you will have to find

supporting materials to build and support your argument.

Therefore, you will be required to

include 4 references from legitimate sources to support your arguments

. Legitimate sources

include: articles found on Mesa College’s online library, articles found via Google Scholar, .org,

.edu, and .gov websites, and most printed materials from the library (check with your professor).

Learning Objectives

This assignment is designed to help you:

1. Conduct efficient and effective library research

2. Analyze audiences as part of the construction of competent public presentations

3. Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate sources for college-level assignments

4. Identify supporting materials relevant to a persuasive public presentation

5. Organize information, facts, and arguments into cohesive, coherent arguments

6. Deliver a public presentation using competent verbal and nonverbal communication

7. Assess the organization and delivery skills of yourself and your peers to improve your

communication knowledge and skills

8. Construct and utilize effective visual aids


Assignment Requirements

Time limit:

4-6 minutes


Minimum of 4 legitimate sources (.org, .edu, .gov, etc.)

Visual Aids: Minimum of 4 PowerPoint slides plus any other visual aids that will enhance the

presentation (note: visual aids


incorporate colors, images, and creative

elements that enhance your presentation)

* Printed copies of your PowerPoint slides must be attached to your outline


4 to 6 pages, double-spaced, typed, 12 point font Ø©