Respond to the following 8 questions in 6-12 sentences each:

1. (8-10 sentences total) discuss the functions of essential fatty acids in the body, food sources in which they are found, and the problem with the fatty acid content of the typical American diet.

2. (10-12 sentences total): Describe the similarities and differences among the various lipoproteins, and why it is desirable to have a specific LDL:HDL ratio in the blood for optimal health.

3. (8-10 sentences): Discuss the steps of atherosclerosis and explain how it may lead to heart attack or stroke

Discuss the 4 levels of protein structure, including a description of essential and non essential amino acids.

4. (6-8 sentences) Explain how at least 4 B vitamins are involved in the citric acid cycle.

5. (6-8 Sentences) Describe the steps of gluconeogenesis from amino acids.

6. (6-8 sentences) Explain the role that 3 minerals play in energy metabolism

7. (6-8 sentences) Describe the process of protein synthesis in the cell.


Part 1-Find a recent peer reviewed article on a protein or amino acid of interest related to energy metabolism. Describe the study design and results

Part 2-Explain further research that needs to be done in order to learn more about this protein/amino acid’s functions.