one term paper 6 8 pages typed double space with notes either mla or chicago style and bibliography

One term paper (6-8 pages, typed, double space) with notes (either MLA or Chicago Style) and bibliography. Students are expected to develop an issue related to the course material. Typical topics include studies of a single work of art, work produced under the patronage of a particular individual or clan, a particular aspect of a single artist’s work, or a carefully delimited discussion about the development of a particular type of subject matter. The grade will be based on clarity of presentation, effectiveness of evidence presented, and soundness of conclusions.

Also, you should use 3 or more reference based on the class material, THE ART OF MODERN CHINA, (the reference book are showed in syllabus in the end) or outside internet resources based on our course but they have to be academic and authoritative.

And please follow the structure of the sample essay i give to you in first document and choose the 3 art work from the artist call Ren Xiong in the second document of week1 review. And the formats of references and citation please follow the last document.