Option #2: Launching a New Product Line

Option #2: Launching a New Product Line
For this Portfolio Project Option, you will act as an employee in a large company that develops and distributes men’s and women’s personal care products. The company has developed a new product line, and you have been asked to lead a marketing team in launching the new line. Explain how you would lead the team through this task. What would your first steps be? How would you help your team be successful? In explaining your approach, be sure to address the following:

Team communication and motivation
Decision making and problem solving
Conflict management
Performance management
Power, politics, and ethics
For example, how would you motivate your team? How would you make decisions and solve problems? What would you do when conflict arises? How would you address power, political behaviors, and the ethics of the team? How would you manage the overall performance of the team?

Your completed assignment must adhere to the following parameters:

Be a 6- to 9-page paper (not including title and reference pages) or an 8-to 10-minute presentation (presentation tools such as Prezi, GoogleSlides, PowerPoint, Keynote, or others can be used).
Be supported by a minimum of five credible, academic or professional sources. Remember, you must support your thinking and prior knowledge with references, even in a video presentation.
Include an APA style reference list at the end of the paper or with your presentation file.
Review the grading rubric.
Be formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).