Organizational Assessment Tools Based on Army doctrine,

Required Reading:

Practices for Engaging the 21 st Century Workforce

By William G. Castellano (please google required reading)

Topic of Discussion: Organizational Assessment Tools Based on Army doctrine,

Organizational policies and directives, and your personal experiences, how would

you engage in the following activities?

At a minimum, incorporate two of the below standards in your discussion.

1. Identify gaps between the workforce on hand and the human capital needs of the


2. Implement strategies to close gaps in areas such as employee engagement,

training / retraining, and organizational adaptability.

3. Develop a plan for contract support, enduring management practices, and

improving organizational culture.

Also include identifying the technological and the technological trends;

globalization trends; labor force; and the economics of the new normal of the 21st

Century Workforce.

Assignment Instructions:

Write a minimum of 300 words, with at least 2 cited sources to the topic above.

The assignment must have at least one in-text citation. Identify references

following the post using APA, 6 th Edition format.