organizational behavior 164

You will be responsible for writing one summary/critique (3 pages, typed, and double-spaced) and giving a 7-minute oral briefing about a current OB-related event appearing in the news. You will need to connect the current event with an organizational behavior topic of your choice.You will summarize and critique the news item and discuss at least two points that you found interesting and why this item is important/valuable. You will also be required to present two questions for your classmates (that will be evaluated by me) to discuss and answer during your presentation (please include the questions in your paper). These new items should be timely (last 5 years) and found in sources such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Boston Globe, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, etc.

what topics we learn in class for organization behavior are personality, emotions at work, emotional intelligence, perception and attribution, individual decision-making, implicit bias and inclusion, motivation, motivation-job design, power, politics and persuasion, conflict and negotiation, leadership, teams.