organizational behavior is the class and this is a case study i am writing 1


This is my last case study for the class and I am writing the introduction part.

“The structure of your written report is critical. Generally, if you follow the steps for analysis discussed in the previous section, you already will have a good structure for your written discussion. All reports begin with an introduction to the case. In it you outline briefly what the company does, how it developed historically, what problems it is experiencing, and how you are going to approach the issues in the case write-up. Do this sequentially by writing, for example, “First, we discuss the environment of Company X…Third, we discuss Company X’s business-level strategy… Last, we provide recommendations for turning around Company X’s business.”

That is the structure of what to put in the intro.

The outline is something you can use when writing the intro so it can help with what info to put in

Company (BIG)-

i) Goal & Function

(1) Values: honesty, integrity- pg. 5

ii) Developed- pg. 2

(1) multinational technology firm

(2) has several locations

(3) concentrates on TOP Research Lab’s Research and Development division or (R&D for short)

(a) scientist rigorous selection process

(i) Requirements: Ph. D, post-doctoral program, well-known for accomplishments.

b) Problem

i) Background

(1) Occurs in special projects unit (most prestigious) of R&D- Alpha Team-pg. 1

ii) Develops

(1) Anna (senior chemist) discover amount in bookkeeping and computer records of the GSP do not match the amount in safe. – pg. 4

(a) First acts suspicious and a week later confirms suspicion by weighing amounts

(2) Suspects jays (newcomer) through listening in conversation of his hobby- pg. 5

(3) Team Leader informed of problem and he also measure to find less amounts of GSP- pg. 6

c) Thesis

i) Summary on strategic analysis and solutions