This assignment is to demonstrate how much you have learned about organized crime. You are to supply the called information and any additional information you believe should be included to make this assignment complete. Use APA format and include at least four references.


I. What is organized crime (not just a definition of organized crime but an explanation of what is organized.)

A. The origin of organized crime.

B. The place it first originated.

C. Who originated it.

D. Where did it first originate.

E. The parts of the world where “organized crime” is most prevelant

II. The name of the major organized crime group and location of their headquarters and major internal smaller locations. How is the internal organization identified? (by name.)

III. How do you become a member of an organized crime family?

A. initial entry into family

B. exit from family

IV. Choose three “organized crime” family. Supply the following information.

A. The major enterprises engaged in by the “Family”

1. legal

2. illegal

B. The history of organized crime in the U.S.

V. Name three (3) “organized crime” families and explain how they support it-self. (Its major activities)