Oxford University Research and Analysis of the Community Essay

For this scholarly paper, you will complete a community needs assessment of your zip code/ neighborhood. Utilizing the community assessment components (People, Place/Environment, and Social Systems), address the guidelines listed below:

Describe the Community

People (demographic data and biological, social, and cultural factors)

Place/Environment (physical and environmental factors)

  1. Social Systems (health systems, economic factors, resources, and services)
  2. Research and Analysis of the Community
  3. ? Conduct a windshield survey of your neighborhood.

? Analyze the data on your community (the windshield survey information along with any data andstatistics you found).

? Identify your community’s needs and strengths.

  • ? Identify a community health program/resource that your community could utilize to alleviate the needs you’ve indicated.
  • ? Summarize how this community health program/resource helps meet the Healthy People 2030 initiatives.