Perception on Government Required Child Vaccination Discussion and Response

Discussion questions:

What are your views on government-required child vaccinations? What has shaped your views on this issue? How can parents be better educated on the pros and cons of vaccinations in order to make an informed decision?


My classmate post.I think government required child vaccinations are a great thing. Vaccines work with children immune system to strength it so if they ever come in contact with the disease they can fight against it. It is stopping the problem before it even starts. I do not understand why parents would not save their kids life by getting the vaccinations. They are still required to get before kids go into the 7th and 12th grades. Vaccines are safe , and if they were not then most of us probably would not be here.I have seen what not getting vaccinated as a child can do. I also was vaccinated when I was a child and I am glad my parents made that decision. When I have children in the future , I will also make that same decision. There are many actions you must take if you do chose not to get your children vaccinated. You are putting your child at a much higher risk of getting a disease that could be deadly.For parents to make the decision on whether they want to vaccinate their children, they should talk to their childs doctor. They can also do their research online. They need to talk to their spouse also to make sure they are both on the same page about the issue. Parents could talk to other parents who have got their kids vaccinated and those that did not. With all of the resources available , parents should be able to make the right decision for their kids.