perform research from 3 articles provided

Essay #3 Assignment Sheet

For this project, you will be completing research as if you are preparing for writing a paper on a subject. This is an exercise in practicing collegiate research and will help you tremendously going forward in your studies.

First: You will use the HCC library to locate the following articles in the databases. If you need help, please use “ask a librarian” or call the reference desk. The librarians are happy to help you.

John Podhoretz “Survivor’ and the End of Television

Kevin Lindner “Reality Television: Altering Participants’ Expectations of Adventure Programs

Wendy Werner “The Voice as a Model for Selection and Coaching

Second: When you have completed this, you will generate a bibliography using MLA style. You must generate your own full citations using the information provided in the databases. If you use the citation provided by the database, you will not receive credit as these are outdated. MAKE YOUR OWN! Use the MLA template and the MLA videos provided to help you.

Third:You will extract tidbits of information from the articles. Each piece of information will be paraphrased – this means that you will put it into your own words. I have provided a video about how to paraphrase properly – but the nuts and bolts: your sentence should not contain any of the words of the original sentence but should convey the idea. Proper researching means that you can put the research into your own words.

I have provided a sample of what the research sample will look like. Remember: No direct quotes – every piece of information must be paraphrased and properly cited. The intext citation is the last name of the author and the page number for that piece of information.

You will complete one page (or fifteen tidbits) of extracted research for each article and submit this in one document.