personal essay 2 page max

The personal essay should include a summary of your background, creative interests, academic and professional goals. The personal essay may include unusual life experiences, important influences in your life, your motivation to study film and television, and the kind of creative work you hope to pursue. Do not use the personal essay to flatter us; use these few pages to create a very personal and vivid picture of yourself, what is most important to you, and your creative and professional goals.

This is what I have so far, I would like to make this essay around two pages long.

The world of filmmaking and TV production is an ongoing field that does not stop growing. I decided to choose this major as my career pathway because there is nothing I enjoy more than being behind the creative process of this form of expression that we call motion pictures. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in film production would provide me the knowledge to create a variety of professional content. During my last four semesters at my local college, I have already started to get my hands on different projects that have taught me very useful tactics that are used today by the biggest filmmakers around the world. I have had the occasion to operate and learn about the best equipment implied in movie production, as well as visiting the many studios and movie sets that have taken place in the city of Miami. To submerge myself even more into this media, I have also taken editing classes to prepare myself in the post-production aspect and, therefore; edit my movies with the latest video editing programs in the market. I have learned most of the tips and tricks that are required to compose quality content. Moreover, I have taken advantage of the free programs at my college to become an Adobe associate; acquiring licensed certifications for four Adobe programs that prove even more my commitment towards this career. Furthermore, I can assure I have never been more ready than what I am now in order to succeed during my future upper-division courses. I aim to achieve high awards upon my approval of admission to then, demonstrate the University of California that with my effort, I can make excellent use of all the resources and opportunities that this film program provides.