personal statement 56

First Personal Statement Question: 2-3 pages split the questions into paragraphs

Why do you want to be a teacher? What experiences have prepared you to teach in a linguistically diverse, urban setting? What personal qualities do you possess and what experiences have you had that prepared you to work in a collaborative environment such as a middle/high school or cohort in the Single Subject Program?

Second Personal Statement Question:

Please answer the following three (3) questions, limiting your response to one (1) paragraph per question. Complete responses will have a total of three (3) paragraphs

  1. As an educator, how will your personal background and experiences impact your ability to increase educational access and achievement for all students, especially students from traditionally underserved groups?
  2. Describe how you will set end of year academic goals for students, and how you plan to achieve them. How will you know you are successful?
  3. Given the goals you have set for your students, imagine you are at the end of the first quarter and you have a student who is also an English Learner who is not meeting the goals you have set out. What steps would you take to ensure this student gets back on track?

*Below I have attach my resume to give you a reference* *I also attach a word doc to help you better write the personal statement and a better understanding on who I am and my philosophy*