persuasion outline

For this assignment, you will attempt to move your audience or persuade them to think, do or feel something. Choose a topic that lends itself to research and reasoning and that is worthy of college level. For example, you could persuade your classmates to vote for a particular candidate in the upcoming primary elections, or persuade them to join a particular honor society, or donate money to an important foundation or charity. You can argue for the audience to believe something that not everyone agrees with–is there life on other planets? Or convince them that a policy of our government should change–universal health care, gun control laws, free college for all?

Whatever your topic, it needs to be :

1. well researched and appropriately cited,

2. should strive for solid reasoning and appropriate support.

You should develop a final preparation outline. Full sentences are required for the outline, but you should not be writing in huge paragraphs. This final outline should meet the following expectations.

  1. It should be neat and professional.
  2. It should have a References list at the end of the outline in APA style.
  3. The outline should show an outline of the Introduction, with the following sub-points. [1] Attention Getter. [2] Clarify and relate topic to audience. [3] Statement of Credibility. [5] Thesis (preview the main points).
  4. The outline should show an outline of the Body. If you chose the Motivated Sequence, you should show 5 main points. If you chose the Direct Method, you should show 2-3 main points. Main points should each have at least two sub-points. Main points and sub-points should demonstrate coordination, subordination, and mutual exclusivity.
  5. The outline should show parenthetical citations for when you use evidence from your sources and when you cite those sources. Every source on your references list should also be found in parenthetical citations in the outline.
  6. The outline should show consistent and professional notation and indentation.
  7. The outline should have References list of all sources, in APA style.