persuasive speech 54

Purpose & General Description ~

Each person will present a persuasive speech that incorporates material about indigenous peoples and from the DJCG200 iBook. A topical question is provided below that will be the foundation of yourpersuasive speech. The speech will be submitted in video format on the Persuasive Speech assignment link.

The purpose of the speech is to persuade the audience that your position with respect to the topic and course material is correct. That is, make an argument that clearly states your position, provides evidence from course material to support it, and draws convincing conclusions to close the speech.

The assignment will be graded based on the content and oral presentation rubrics posted in our Canvascourse (Modules à Assignments, Guidelines & Rubrics).

If you have any questions about the assignment please come see me as soon as possible.

For each topic below, the same central question should be addressed: How do the DJCG 200 iBook readings relate to indigenous peoples?

Topic 3:Indigenous Peoples and Civic Engagement

Due:Wed. 11/11

iBook Readings:Gandhi, Guevara, Robinson, Maathai (select 2)

Indigenous Peoples Readings: Lakota, Amazonian peoples, Samburu, UNDRIP

Speech Requirements ~

Following are the specific requirements for your persuasive speech.

1. Content: Clear argument explicitly supported with material from the required reading

2. Length: 4-5 minutes

3. Use of Visual Media: minimum of 5 content slides not including title and references slides (PowerPoint)

4. Formal Outline – using APA style guide

5. Speaking Outline – using APA style guide

There are samples/templates for the outlines and a video on how to make an effective PowerPoint in Canvas: Modules à Useful Supporting Information.

The completed video of your speech, including being able to see the PowerPoint, and both outlines should be submitted in Canvas using the Persuasive Speech link and ARC by midnight on the due date.