persuasive speech 55

1) You will write and present a persuasive speech (1200 words)t. This speech must persuade us about the topic included This speech needs to talk about something you want to change or improve.

2) Words must be persuasive. All of speech must relate to the topic.

3) Use persuasive terms!!

4) You need to include the use of 3 references from the sources included too


Topic: A change of mind about Speaking flawless English without a foreign – accent

Thesis Statement: Speaking flawless English without a foreign – accent is not a measure of intelligence.

Point Preview:

I will explain the meaning of perception of foreign-accented speech by Native Americans. Then I will highlight how the Americans perceive people are speaking English with a foreign- accent. Finally, I will give recommendations of what needs to be done to change the negative perception of foreign-accented speech

Main Points and Sub points:

  • The main point (Problem) Native American’s perception of foreign-accented speech
    • English language proficiency as a measure of intelligence
    • Mandatory English proficiency test for immigrants
  • The main point (Cause) Racial discrimination
    • Social segregation of people from individual races
    • Suspicion of foreigners
  • The main point (Solution) Teaching natives how to listen to foreign-accented speech
    • Training of teachers
    • Training on the change of attitude
  • Conclusion

Visual Description:

The chosen visual for this speech is a PowerPoint Presentation which will effectively allow for the sequential pointing out of the points on the issue.


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