Imagine that you are in charge of developing a campaign advertisement for a political candidate. The important topics surrounding the election include the economy, education, Medicare, and immigration. Your job is to create an effective advertisement that will persuade a targeted group of voters. What cultural patterns would you consider to develop your advertisement? How do you achieve persuasive communication ethically?

What ways might Ethos, Pathos, and Logos function in your campaign advertisement? How might the use or misuse of symbols influence the persuasive messages in your campaign advertisements?

The Assignment 2-3 page paper:

  • Briefly describe your candidate and the office he or she is seeking.
  • Select a topic for your campaign advertisement. Some suggested topics are the economy, jobs, education, Medicare, energy, and immigration.
  • Identify your targeted audience(s) and explain why you selected the audience(s).
  • Explain how would you would market your candidate’s message and persuade your target audience(s).
  • Explain whether your persuasion strategies are ethical and why.

References must come from: Chapter 9 in the course text, Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility (pp. 256–275) and Chapter 11 in the course text, Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility (pp. 308–334)