pharmacology and therapeutic modalities i sympathetic nervous system application discussion board 1

Please post to your question. Each student is the instructor, so research and answer your part as though it is for your benefit. You are not required to respond to the other students, but I encourage you to review all of the posts to have a better understanding of the material. I encourage you to ask yourself what you are looking at whenever you have a question about ANS drugs. If you don’t know what the Sympathetic Nervous system controls and its receptors, you cannot figure out the answers and will be frustrated. So, I expect you to start there. Please be thorough and complete, as this is for everyone’s benefit. At least 250-300 words, or as many as needed to answer the questions. The assignment is in the document below this forum labeled Sympathetic NS DB Assignments

No responses to other students are required, but you need to read these so you can learn the material better.

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Again, you must give credit for your answers–make sure you include citations and references using APA formatting (do not worry about page formatting in discussion posts)