phil 1 short intro to pil

* * * write a proposal for 3b and 3c.

(3B) Advance an objection to the Against Taxation and Imprisonment argument (ch. 7)

(3C) Advance an objection to the Future Like Ours Argument (ch.8)

Here is an example proposal for 1a and 1b

(1A) Advance an objection to the Argument from Suffering. Do not argue that God is not

an omnibeing. (ch. 1)

(1B) Advance an objection to the Argument for Betting on God (ch. 2)

Proposals for Prompts 1A and 1B

  1. Prompt 1AKorman says that God couldn’t allow suffering. I will argue that God could allow suffering, because he would want to test our devotion. One might object that God wouldn’t need to test our devotion since he’s all-knowing and would already know how devoted we are. I would reply that even an all-knowing God cannot know what we will freely choose to do.
  2. Prompt 1BKorman says that believing in God has a higher expected utility than disbelief. I will argue that disbelief also has infinite expected utility, because for all we know God may send everyone to heaven. One might object that God couldn’t send everyone to heaven, since God is perfectly just and it would be unjust to allow wrongdoers into heaven. I would reply that this objection fails, since there is at least some chance that God isn’t perfectly just.