PHIL 1301 CSU Analyzing a Conversation & Breaking Down the Elements Worksheet


Your assignment for this unit involves analyzing a conversation and
breaking down the elements of conclusion, premises, assumptions, and
extraneous material.

Using the
Unit II Assignment Template
, write a dialogue (short conversation) between two people. Make sure that each person provides the other with an argument.
Each argument must have a conclusion and at least two
premises. Since it is a conversation, each person should also state some
extraneous material. After you are done writing the dialogue, fill out
each part of the dialogue elements. You will need a conclusion and at
least two premises, two assumptions, and two pieces of extraneous
material for each speaker.

View the
Unit II Sample Assignment
for an example of how your completed assignment should look. Your
completed assignment should be at least two pages in length. APA Style
will not be required for this assignment, and no outside resources are


The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.