please add final paper requirements are below

Topic chosen to do essay on is : Internet staffing methods compared to traditional staffing methods: time, cost, quality, and retention.

I chose this because I am interested in this topic and I believe that in today’s world with the advancement in technology, it has significantly changed the way we do business and will continue to do business in the future.

Steps are included below: please submit all of the following so I can submit to my professor each week as needed.

Please perform this work to be A + work, no plagiarism and please be on time. Please follow directions as stated and submit all information requested.

Attached is the final paper requirements, please look that over as well.

APA format should be used using Purdue Owl Sample Paper

Week 6: Midterm week Due 10/27/2019: Choose a topic

Week 7: Due 11/3/2019: Abstract and list of formatted References (minimum 5 valid sources)

Week 8: Due 11/10/19: Annotated Bibliography

Week 9: Due 11/17/19: Literature Review

Week 10: Due 11/24/19: Rough draft of Body of Paper (10-page minimum)

Week 11: Due 12/1/19: Final draft of paper

Title: Strategic Staffing:

Total Pages: 10-12

Works Cited: 5-8

Citation Style: APA

Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Prepare a course paper, approximately 10-12 pages in length (excluding references), on a topic related to the theme of Strategic Staffing. Due 12/1/19: Final draft of paper

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