please answer the questions below 13


1. Students exhibit research skills as they successfully use library resources to find a

magazine or journal article in a specific field.

2. Students gain exposure to the literature of anthropology in searching for their article.

3. Students demonstrate that they understand the nature of anthropology and the special

interests of this particular course by finding an article that relates to the course.

4. Student demonstrates critical thinking skills through analyzing an article’s good and bad

points (as an article) and articulating how the article relates to the area of the course’s

focus in anthropology.

Assignment Directions:

You are responsible for reviewing an academic article published in the scientific literature dealing with some aspect of the topics we have covered in class. The article must be of substantial detail and must be current (no older than six years). In addition, you will post your review in an online discussion area and respond to another student’s review as well.

1. Student selects an article of not less than 1500 words in length as the focus of the

assignment. Note that Internet sites, books, and the textbook are NOT appropriate

sources for this article.

– The article must relate to a topic we have gone over in class.

– Article must not be older than six years.

– Article must be from a trusted academic source

2. Student writes a 2-3 page review (at least 1000 words) about the article.

– Paper includes a summary of major points in the article.

– Paper critically analyzes the article’s content, focusing on its relevance to the course material.

3. Student may use other sources in the completion of this paper, although this is not

required. Any other sources used (if any) must also be cited.

4. Paper is properly formatted in the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition, format.

– In-text citations are used for any quotations and paraphrasing

– Complete bibliographic information and URL (if applicable) or the article is cited

5. A copy of the article or a link to the article accompanies the finished review.

6. You will post your review in the appropriate discussion thread. You will also read another student’s review and respond to their post both thoughtfully and insightfully.

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