please exactly 5 pages only use the readings i attach and mention due in 33 hours

due in 33 hours

Recall the several class discussions and readings on districting, gerrymandering and related issues. First, describe the major constitutional constraints, legal standards and social objectives for legislative districting. How serious a problem is gerrymandering for United States electoral politics? Your answer should describe the political effects of gerrymandering. It should also discuss how we know if a state is or is not gerrymandered. With all this in mind, is there an objectively best districting for a state? Why or why not?

The readings + the attachment

Watch “The Apportionment Machine” at:… ent_machine.html Computing apportionment at:… computing.html Skim attached priority values for House seats 2010. Locate and Note Missouri priority values.

Baker v. Carr 369 US 186 (1962) read case summary and listen to 10/9/1961 first oral argument at

Wesburry vs. Sanders 376 US 1 (1964). Read case summary and listen to 11/18/1963 first oral argument at

Evenwel v. Abbott 578 US _ (2016). Read case summary and listen to 12/08/15 oral arguments and 4/16/2016 opinion announcement at


Gill v. Whitford 2017. Read case summary and listen to oral arguments at

Jay Dow “Gerrymandering and Gill in Constitutional Perspective” Starting Points December 11, 2017 (

Rucho v. Common Cause 2019. Read case summary, majority (Roberts) and dissenting (Kagan) opinions, and listen to oral arguments.

Missouri Amendment 1, 2018.,_Lobb… n_Finance,_and_Redistricting_Initiative_(2018)#Text_of_measure