please for the product you are assigned make a report that includes the following information my product is openvas


Please for the product you are assigned, make a report that includes the following information: my product is OpenVAS

  • Full name of the product and any other names
  • Type of product (firewall, antivirus, etc.)
  • Any associated costs
  • The platform (PC, MAC, Android etc.) and any specific resources required to run the product
  • The organization that developed the product and the vendor that supports the product currently (may be the same)
  • A screenshot from the site with a link to the “official” page of the product.
  • A short description of the product in your own words and how it might be used for cybersecurity attack or defense purposes (2 or 3 paragraphs)
  • Information on how the product compares with other products that do the same thing, either from their site or from independent reviews such as PCMAG or CNET
  • Any comments on the performance of the product including negative associations such as malware distribution or criminal activity
  • Based on the above analyses and reviews you have gathered, provide a recommendation as for whether to use this product or not. If not, what alternative would you recommend based on the reviews above?
  • Include at least three references. The APA format is required for both in-text citations and bibliography.