please put together a nutrition plan for weight loss see details

Here are the details:

1. Current weight is 215 lbs with 22% body fat Age: 31 Gender: Male Number of weeks: 12. Please note the client will be training 5 days per week minimum (weight training mixed with 1 cardio session per day)

2. The goal is to drop down to 185 lbs and 18% body fat

3. The nutrition plan should be BALANCED between 45% Protein 40% Crabs and 15% Fat

4. The plans should be MONDAY – SUNDAY

5. It’s OKAY to include a “cheat day”, ONLY once a week

6. The client should be on a 250 caloric deficit PER DAY. You can fluctuate with this number if you would like but it cannot exceed 500 caloric deficit

7. The client should know exactly how many calories per meal per day are consumed, and how much they weigh

8. Minimum of 4 meals per day (feel free to include whatever times)

9. Anything else I am missing please ASK!