please read the case below and answer the questions that follow use of external resources e g published articles online articles textbook etc to support your answers is highly encouraged please include a cover page per apa style and cite your

Over the past few years, a psychotherapist who treats people aged 50 years or over in a long-term care facility has noticed that depressed patients appear to have suffered more instances of childhood trauma than non-depressed patients. The psychotherapist wants to formally investigate this matter and comes to you to help design an inexpensive study using only the residents of the long-term care facility (all of whom are males or females aged 50 year or over). Using the following questions as a guide, what recommendations would you give to the psychotherapist. Please use MS Word format and be sure to address all questions. Please use an essay format rather than simply numbering your answers. [Please use between 350 to 600 words in total].

How would you define the ‘exposed/unexposed’ groups?

How would you measure exposure (assess whether study subjects are exposed or unexposed)?

How would you define the diseased/non-diseased groups?

How would you measure disease (assess whether study subjects have or do not have the disease)?

Would you recruit subjects based on exposure or disease status? Why?

What is the name of the study design you are proposing?

What measure of association would you use in this study?

If you calculated the measure of association to be 1.9, how would you interpret the meaning of this number? Please explain in your own words.