Please read these articles, and briefly answer the questions

Edict of Louis XIV, “The Code Noir” (1685), 155-158

  • Describe (and give the numbers of) the articles in the “Code Noir” that place restrictions on slaves and slave masters.
  • What does the “Code Noir” say about the relationship between race and slavery?

“Lawyers’ Arguments for Francisque…Paris” (1759), 159-163.

  • Who is Francisque and what is at stake for him in this 1759 trial in Paris, France?
  • Describe the meaning and logistics of France’s Freedom Principle insofar as Francisque’s lawyers convey its meaning.
  • What two main arguments do Francisque’s lawyers put forth in support of his freedom?

BBC Four, “Episode 2: Fatal Impacts,” Racism: A History, Tim Robinson, Dir-Prod, March 2007, YouTube.

  • What “ fatal impacts” did increasingly scientific ideas about race have during the 19th century and first half of the 20th century? Offer 3-4 specific examples of actions, ideas, and/or outcomes.