Please respond to the question below for World History Assignment.

1) Using a minimum of 500 words, write an essay discussing the struggle the Greek-Speaking world faced inuniting all of Greeceinto one political unit. During your discussion, be sure to address thefollowing questions: Why were Athensand Sparta somehow unfit or unableto lead a united Greece? Why were the Macedonians able to succeed in uniting Greece? Was Greece everreally united prior to this?

2) In the nineteenth century, the popular European view of sub-Saharan Africa was that the area had been uncivilized and was only beginning to become a civilized continent after Europeans had “discovered” the region and brought civilization to these “backward” people. Do you agree with this popular nineteenth century view? Write a minimum 500-word essay in which you defend your position.

3) In the early 300s CE, Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. Conforming to the above guidelines, write a minimum 500-word essay in which youdiscuss the impact this event had on the history of the world.